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The following is a conversation between Justis Mosqueda and I on Owamagbe Odighizua, Preston Smith, how to scout pass rushers, and what makes a Force Player

I. Edge rushers are the easiest position to project in the NFL Draft.

The skills required to play the position are easily discernible on tape. Jene Bramel and Andrew Parsons have probably done a better job than anyone at showing what to look for biomechanically from edge rushers on film. Further, the physical ability required to use those skills at a baseline level in the NFL is easily discernible through the athletic tests performed at the NFL combine. Where Andrew and Jene are excellent as describing translatable skills, Justis Mosqueda has created a metric named “Force Players” that passes or fails Edge rushers athletically based on Explosion and/or Agility in relation to their body’s density. The list of players who have passed and failed is stunningly accurate in projecting success.

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