Keep Choppin’ Wood Episode 10: The Jaguars Suck, Fire Gus, & There’s No Way They Beat the Ravens


On this week’s episode of Keep Choppin’ Wood, we talk about just how bad the game against the San Diego Chargers was, how far-reaching the problems on the Jacksonville Jaguars are, discuss why Gus Bradley and Todd Wash should be fired immediately, try to find some reason why the Baltimore Ravens don’t come in and completely destroy us, and more.

Keep Choppin’ Wood Episode 3: Recapping the Jets Preseason Game

On this week’s episode of “Keep Choppin’ Wood”, we recap the first half of the Jaguars vs. Jets preseason game (because the second half of a preseason game is for suckers), the running back situation with Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon, the team’s interest in free agent left tackle Will Beatty, and more!