Every Play Tells a Story: Derrick Henry & Forcing the Counter

My latest episode of Every Play Tells a Story looks at an Influence Play involving Derrick Henry as football’s version Floyd Mayweather.

You’re a boxer.

You’re matched up against an extremely aggressive fighter. He’s not a reckless one, either.

He has a plan. He’s been taught well. He’s calculated. Most of all, he loves punching.


What are your options? You can go blow-for-blow with him. It might work if you’re bigger, stronger, faster, and more technically skilled. Your night could also end with fewer teeth than you started with. You can Micky Ward it – sacrifice yourself early in the hopes he punches himself out.

Or you can use his aggression against him. Don’t just avoid. Convince him to throw the punches you want him to throw.

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